Mar 172014

Are You Ready To Snatch The Pebble?

Did you ever watch the movie Kung Fu when you were a kid. If you were a kid in the 1970s there is a good chance you did.

At the beginning of the show it shows a young Shaolin Munk teaching a young boy Martial Arts. As he goes through is training every once in a while he holds out a pebble in his hand and tell the student…

“When you can snatch the pebble…it is time for you to leave.”snatch-the-pebble

The student tries but fails to snatch the pebble.

Time goes boy and the boy gets older and more skilled in martial arts but still fails to snatch the pebble. Till one day a few years later as he has matured in both his skill and wisdom tries one more time and snatches the pebble.

His Master says. “Very good…now the student has become the Master and it is time for you to leave.”

So have you ever wondered why you may be struggling to figure out this whole Internet Marketing thing? Maybe you are beating your head against the wall because you just haven’t been able to make it work yet.

Are you ready to “Snatch The Pebble”?

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Feb 162014

Network Like A Pro
Tips one through four – by Joel Peterson

Tip #1 – Show up!

One of the most powerful and productive activities in any home business is networking. Networking allows you to grow your business faster than almost any other activity. Have you ever heard the saying, “Your Nework equals your Net Worth”. This is true for pretty much any business out there.

The bottom line is you want to become a very well connection person. Watch the video below for tip 1 of 8 very specific networking strategies that will get you to your goals. Continue reading »

Oct 142013

Escaping The Corporate Trap

Have you ever felt like you were trapped?

Trapped in the corporate office/cubicle…trapped in a job you may not enjoy…trapped doing something that consumes your life and is not getting you to your goals?

One of my mentors shared this story recently….freedom

“I worked in corporate consulting in a forty-five story office building in New York City. I thought I had it made. I worked 60 hours a week, got 15 days of vacation a year and had a nice manager title, nice benefits and great people I worked with…

…but I felt trapped. I felt like the goals I really wanted in life were slipping away as I worked my tail off each week in the cubicle.

I had an aha-moment the day I shared my dream with one of my corporate mentors, who patted me on the shoulder and said: ‘The only security you will ever have in life is what you create for yourself’.

Reflecting on his powerful comment as I walked back to my cubicle, I understood that to achieve what I wanted long term, I had to prepare and condition myself mentally and emotionally, toughen up my belief and confidence, and bullet-proof my vision with the right skill sets and action steps for this new business and life direction.”

So how do you escape the corporate trap?

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Sep 272013

Having the Right Attitude for Success

Your attitude is vital to your business success. In fact, I would almost say it’s even more important than learning the skills.

Obviously, you need to learn the nuts and bolts of your business – how to write a blog post, how to market that blog post, how to build your email list, and develop a relationship with those on your list, etc.Having-the-Right-Attitude-for-Success

But without the right attitude, these things are just tools lying unused in the tool shed.

The attitude is what will help you put those tools to work.

So, what kind of attitude should you be focused on?

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Sep 252013

The following is a fantastic short video and article by one of my mentors, Joel Peterson

Tips For Networking

Today I wanted to share a few tips on Networking.

Why Networking?

Well it’s no secret that well connected people are usually the most successful when it comes to building or running a business online or offline. I won’t try to explain why in this post today but instead wanted to offer some tips that will really help you build a large network.handshake

#1. Attend Event

Attending local, regional and national events and seminars is one of the best ways to meet and interact with people in your niche. You may consider attending a local event that you find on . There are many many local groups that hold weekly and monthly meetings you can tap into. Also look for larger events in your area or across the country. “You Never Know” is one of my favorite sayings and when it comes to attending large events…ya never know who you are going to meet or what connections you will make that will have a huge impact for you in the future.

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Sep 232013

How To Get The Internet To Make Your Mortgage Payment

Do you have a mortgage or rent payment? Most of us do. I’m sure the favorite part of your month is making that monthly payment right?

Ya right!

Doesn’t it seem like those payments are always just a little more than we would like them to be and by the time we write that check there is not much left? One of my mentors tells the story of how he could never save more than $200 in his bank account between paycheck to paycheck…the idea of not having a house payment was really a dream to

Did you know that most bankruptcies could be prevented if people had just an extra $200 to $300 a month?

There are a lot of programs out there that teach you how to save money. These are all really good but there is one way that trumps all of these money-saving programs.

Just make more money.

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Sep 192013

What Millionaires Are Really Like

So last week one of my mentors flew down to San Antonio Texas to work on a HUGE project that I’ll be sharing with everyone in a few weeks.
During this project, he was able to interview and hang out with 15 other Online Marketers…many of whom are millionaires. Some are still in their early 20s!
As he interviewed them and heard their stories, he was able to come up with a list of things that almost all of them had in common so I thought I’d share them with you today.Money

Things My Mentor Learned About Millionaires

1. All of them had multiple failures before they had success

Every single person I talked to shared their stories of trying several different projects and opportunities before they had success. Most of them had lost money. Some of them had gone bankrupt and were down to their last dime.

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Sep 182013

Is Doubt Holding You Back?

Have you ever wondered why certain people just seam to attract success in their lives? Not just financial but all so many other areas such emotional, spiritual and just genuine happiness?

There are several factors that contribute to this but one very important trait is usually found in most successful people…thinking-man

They don’t let “Doubt” hold them back or get in the way.

Let’s take for example starting a new business. The successful person knows where he is going. He believes in this product or service, in this company and most importantly in HIMSELF (or herself)!

Even when things it tough, they don’t doubt.

Now I’m not saying they don’t have doubts. What I’m saying is they don’t let them get in the way of success. No product or business is perfect and to be successful you have to be willing to understand this. For example…

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